Welcome to the Cruz-Almeida Lab

brain imaging

In our lab, we use multiple interdisciplinary and translational research approaches to examine the nervous system factors contributing to the observed inter-individual variability in pain phenotypes in older adults and its functional consequences including cognitive and mobility impairments. We are interested in applying this knowledge to find new ways to selectively target therapeutic treatments in older individuals.

We are also actively engaged in training the next generation of scientists at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels. In addition to the Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence, the lab is affiliated with several centers on campus, including the UF Institute on Aging, the Claude D. Pepper Older American Independence Center, the Center for Cognitive Aging & Memory, and the McKnight Brain Institute.

Pain LAb


We have a broad interest in understanding the brain changes predicted by pain distinct from age-related brain changes. In particular, we want to understand how endogenous pain modulation leads or contributes to different pain, motor, and cognitive phenotypes.

Work in our lab is generously supported by the University of Florida, the National Institutes of Health, and the McKnight Research Foundation.