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Training Environment

Small training group

I am committed to helping my trainees achieve the scientific and career goals they set for themselves. Trainees in the lab are mentored one-on-one, in small group settings (2-3 people) and as a group. I emphasize the importance of critical thinking, rigorous experimental design, the use of the translational scientific literature to guide the interpretation of data and the central importance of effective oral and written communication skills. I encourage my trainees to present their preliminary work at local, national or international meetings and work with them to describe finished results in high-quality, peer-reviewed publications. Cruz-Almeida lab students and trainees publish research papers and reviews and have received several university and national awards.

Interested in Joining?

  • Postdoctoral candidates should contact me via email, describing a specific line of investigation relevant to the research goals of the lab. What scientific question, exactly, most excites or intrigues you? How do you propose to address that question? The University of Florida Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website contains information on many interesting postdoc-related topics (e.g. housing, visas, etc.) You can find more information concerning immigration-related issues through UF Immigration Compliance Services website.
  • Current graduate students who are interested in joining projects in the lab can contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you! I am happy to co-mentor graduate students across our graduate programs.
  • Undergraduate students. We currently have a number of undergraduates working in the laboratory using a variety of funding opportunities. One of the programs in which Dr. Cruz-Almeida is involved is the University Scholars Program. This program enables students to work with UF faculty on selected research projects. Our lab has had previous undergraduate lab members who have competed the USP. Similarly, if you have federal work-study, we may also have research opportunities available. You may also volunteer for research credit.
  • If you are an undergraduate student interested in joining our lab, please complete the following RA Application and email the application along with your resume to Dr. Cruz-Almeida.
  • We are not currently accepting applications from high school students for positions in the lab.